Last Name First Name Affiliation Date Topic
Ackmann Martha Author May 17, 2004 Mercury 13: The True Story of Thirteen American Women and the Dream of Space Flight
Acuna Mario GSFC April 19, 1999 Lunar Prospector
Adamson Glenn The Chipstone Foundation and The Milwaukee Art Museum December 6, 2004 Industrial Strength Design: How Brooks Stevens Shaped Your World
Agenbroad Larry Northern Arizona University April 3, 2006 Out of the Ice: the Excavation and the Research of Siberian Frozen Mammoths
Aguilar Michael GSFC April 25, 2011 Safety Week: NASA Contributions to the Toyota Safety Investigation
Akin Dave University of Maryland, College Park September 22, 1997 Getting Robots into Space: The Ranger Telerobotic Shuttle Experiment
Alder Ken Northwestern University November 15, 2004 The Measure of the World
Alley Carroll O. University of Maryland May 14, 2001 Laser Ranging to Retro-Reflectors on the Moon as a Test of Theories of Gravity: Does Gravitational Binding Energy Gravitate?
Alston Ken McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry March 31, 2003 Designing the Next Industrial Revolution
Andrews Dan NASA-ARC March 15, 2010 The LRCROSS Mission
Angel Roger University of Arizona February 14, 2000 Future Telescopes on the Ground and in Space
Appel Brian CWT March 7, 2005 Changing Garbage to Oil-Eliminating Landfills with a New Technology
Asaro Catherine Molecudyne Research March 8, 2004 Science and Science Fiction
Ashmead John Independent Computer Consultant March 21, 2011 Temporal Paradoxes
Atalay Bulent University of Mary Washington Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton February 12, 2007 Math and the Mona Lisa
Atalay Bulent Mary Washington University October 29, 2007 The Greatest Englishman Ever: Neutron Activation and the Resolution of a Newton Puzzle
Ausubel Jesse Rockefeller University April 24, 2006 Big, Green Energy Machines
Baldo Marc MIT October 27, 2008 High Efficiency Concentrators for Solar Cells
Barish Barry CalTech December 8, 2008 The Art and Science of doing Large International Science Projects
Barnes William GSFC December 2, 2002 MODIS Performance
Barnett Jo Ellen Department of Microbiology, Mount Sinai School of Medicine March 22, 1999 A Brief History of the Time of Day
Barta Pat Johns Hopkins University October 4, 1999 3D Medical Imaging
Bartusiak Marcia Author October 15, 2001 Einstein's Unfinished Symphony
Belbruno Edward Princeton University May 1, 2000 Low Energy Routes Using Chaos in Space Travel and Astronomy
Bender Peter University of Colorado October 20, 1997 The LISA Gravitational Wave Mission
Benford James Microwave Sciences, Inc. April 29, 2002 Beam Powered Sails
Bergreen Laurence Author March 4, 2002 MARS or BUST
Billings Charles Ohio State Univeristy April 19, 2004 Aviation Automation
Bishop David J. Lucent Tecnologies Bell Laboratories April 1, 2002 Silicon Micromachines for Lightwave Networks
Bloch Byron Auto Safety Expert LLC April 2, 2012 Safety Secrets of Your Car or SUV: What You Don't Know Can Kill You
Bloom David Harvard Institute for International Development November 16, 1998 Higher Education and Development
Boegner Greg GSFC November 9, 2009 Software Defined Radios
Bormanis Andre Science Consultant, Star Trek March 16, 1998 Star Trek Science Logs: Exploring the Boundries Between Science Fiction and Science Fact
Bos Brent GSFC November 24, 2008 Phoenix Scouts for Mars Water
Boudreaux Paul NSA Lab for Physical Sciences September 21, 1998 Special Event (Schneebaum Lecture):How to Cram a Cray J90 Supercomputer in a Shoebox
Brekke Paal European Space Agency September 20, 1999 Saving SOHO
Brown Steven Catholic University of America October 25, 2010 Refrigerants and Global Climate Change
Brubaker Kaye University of Maryland February 4, 2008 LEAFHouse-A Smart, Adaptable, Resource-efficient Home Powered by Renewable Energy
Bruns James H.   September 19, 2011 The Great White Fleet 1907-1909: Funding for Science
Buckbee Ed   January 23, 2006 Von Braun and the Saturn V
Burgener Robin May 22, 2006 20 Questions
Burke James Host of PBS Connections Series October 1, 1997 Special Event (Joint Engineering Colloquium & Center Director's Colloquium): Innovation and Change
Burrows W. Author March 27, 2000 Eyewitness to the First Space Age: Some Lessons to Be Drawn
Cahill Larry University of California at Irvine March 20, 2006 His Brain, Her Brain
Carpenter Ken GSFC September 28, 2009 Viewing the Universe in High Definition: The Stellar Imager (SI) Vision Mission
Cash Webster University of Colorado February 26, 2007 The New Worlds Observer: Opening Direct Study of Exo-planets Using External Occulters
Centrella Joan GSFC March 6, 2006 Gravitational Wave Waveforms
Cepollina Frank GSFC April 25, 2005 The Hubble Space Telescope Robotic Servicing Mission
Cepollina Frank GSFC May 24, 2010 Schneenbaum Award Ceremony and Engineering Colloquium: The Hubble Space Telescope Servicing Legacy and the Future of Satellite Servicing
Chaikin Andrew   March 30, 2009 A Passion for Mars: Intrepid Explorers of the Red Planet
Chaikin Andrew F. Author and Lecturer November 22, 2004 The Other Moon Landings: A Soviet Triumph in the Shadow of Apollo
Chamberlin Philip GSFC April 4, 2011 The Solar Dynamics Observatory: Your On-Orbit Eye on the Sun
Chambers Bill GSFC September 26, 2011 Goddard's High Capacity Centrifuge
Chang-Diaz Franklin Johnson Space Center October 4, 2004 VASIMR: Mars in Four Months
Chapman Robert D. Allied Signal Technical Services November 23, 1998 Are Comets and Asteroids a Real Danger?
Cheng Dean   October 24, 2011 The Chinese Space Program
Cheng Andrew F. Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory December 4, 2000 Scientific Highlights of NEAR Shoemaker
Cheng Edward Conceptual Analytics March 3, 2003 What Makes Hubble Special?
Chesters Dennis GSFC December 1, 2008 The GOES Experience
Chu Paul Texas Center for Superconductivity Research November 2, 1998 High Temperature Super Conductors
Citrin Liz GSFC December 3, 2001 The Microwave Anisotropy Probe (MAP) Mission
Citters Wayne V.   March 20, 2000 Gemini North Telescope: Ground-based Astronomy at the Diffraction Limit
Clampin Mark GSFC Apil 11, 2011 Exoplanet Hunting Technology
Clark Benton Lockeed Martin Astronautics May 15, 2000 Mars Exploration and the New Millennium
Clark David MIT November 6, 2006 The Internet is Broken
Clary Dave Author March 1, 2004 Rocket Man: Robert H. Goddard and the Birth of the Space Age
Cleave Mary L. GSFC, Former Astronaut May 4, 1998 An Astronaut's View of the Planet
Cohen Charles Cybernet Systems Corporation November 9, 1998 Early Automata
Colwell Rita Director, NSF September 17, 2001 From Satellites to Saris: Unlocking the Secrets of Climate and Human Health
Comberiate Michael GSFC June 5, 2000 NASA's North Pole Expedition, 1999
Comberiate Mike GSFC March 19, 2007 Engineering on a Shoestring
Content Dave GSFC October 3, 2011 Science and Early Engineering of the Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST)
Crabtree George Argonne National Laboratory April 11, 2005 The Hydrogen Economy: Challenges and Opportunities
Crawley Edward MIT November 2, 2009 The Zen of Systems Architecting
Creel Ronald SAIC January 30, 2006 Back to the Future, Applying Thermal Control Experiences on Apollo Lunar Project to Rovers for Future Space Exploration
Cringely Robert X. Consultant and Journalist May 12, 2008 The Google X-Prize: Rovers on the Moon
Crocker James Lockheed Martin October 7, 2002 History and Future of Nuclear Space Power: An Industry View
Cromp Robert GSFC February 17, 1998 Tech Forum: Phase Retrieval, Wavefront Sensing, & Optical Control System; Regional Validation Centers manage Realtime Access to Satellite Data; Innovative Uses for TDRSS
Cunningham Colin Royal Observatory, Edinburgh November 19, 2007 Technology Challenges of Future Ground & Space Based Telescopes
Czarnik Anthony Sensors for Medicine and Science, Inc. November 19, 2001 The SMSI "Implant-Once-Read-Many" Real-Time Glucose Sensor
Dalrymple Tony Johns Hopkins University May 9, 2011 Hurricanes, Tsunamis, and Coastal Engineering
Danchi Bill GSFC March 18, 2002 Stellar Interferometry from the Ground and Space
Darcy Suzanna Boeing Commercial Airplane Group November 3, 1997 Flight Testing The Boeing Way
Davis Mitchell GSFC April 25, 2011 Safety Week: NASA Contributions to the Toyota Safety Investigation
Davis Craig University of Michigan October 17, 2005 The Physics of Traffic
Davis Steve SpaceX December 15, 2008 Falcons and Dragons: Economical Liftoffs for Science Payloads, Cargo and People
Degnan John GSFC March 26, 2007 Laser Ranging
Delagrange Arthur D. Author May 8, 2000 The C&O Canal: Marvelous Engineering Failure
Dennehy Neil GSFC & LaRC September 21, 2009 The NASA Engineering and Safety Center: Providing Independent Test and Analysis for NASA's High Risk Projects
Dewar James   May 18, 2009 To the End of the Solar System: The Story of the Nuclear Rocket
Dezio Joe GSFC December 12, 2005 SWIFT
Dickson Paul Author April 8, 2002 Sputnik, the Shock of the Century
Diftler Ron JSC October 31, 2011 Robonaut 2
Dobson John   May 1, 2006 Astronomy for the People
Dozier Jeff University of California, Santa Barbara September 15, 1997 Environmental Study and Monitoring with Classified Satellite Data (1997 Schneebaum Lecture)
Duggins Pat Alabama Public Radio May 3, 2010 Final Countdown: NASA and the End of the Space Shuttle Program
Dunstan James Garvey Schubert Barer September 24, 2007 Liability Law in Space
Dyson George Western Washington University March 17, 2003 Nuclear Propulsion and Project Orion: Manned Missions to Saturn for 1970 (After Mars in 1965!)
Easton, Jr. Roger Rochester Institute of Technology April 5, 2004 Reading Between the Lines: Applications of Imaging Technology to Recover Lost Writings
Edwards Bradley Institute for Scientific Research November 10, 2003 Space Elevators
Edwards Marc Virginia Tech February 2, 2009 Lead in Drinking Water as a Public Health Threat
Ehrlich Robert George Mason University April 28, 2003 Faster-than-Light Speeds and Tachyons: An Overview with Demonstrations
Ellis Richard Caltech December 11, 2006 Joint Engineering/Scientific Colloquium John Bahcall Memorial Lecture: Cosmic Dawn
Enevoldlson Einar   December 5, 2011 Perlan
Evans John V. Comsat December 7, 1998 New Satellites for Personal Communications
Everitt Francis Stanford University February 3, 2003 The Gravity Probe B Mission: A Marriage of Physics and Technology
Fafaul Bryan GSFC November 7, 2011 Glory: Challenges and Lessons Learned
Fafaul Bryan GSFC May 11, 2009 The Glory Mission
Fagan Brian University of California, Santa Barbara April 7, 2003 Climate & History
Falco Charles M. University of Arizona May 20, 2002 The Science of Optics: The History of Art
Faller Jim University of Colorado December 6, 1999 Precision Measurement with Gravity and Other Things
Falstein Noah The Inspiracy March 11, 2002 Interactive Stealth Learning
Fanson Jim NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory May 4, 2009 The Kepler Planet-Finding Mission
Farrell William GSFC November 26, 2007 Lunar Dust: Unique Properties Present an Engineering Challenge to Colonization
Feldman Bernard J. University of Missouri-St. Louis May 23, 2005 A Physicist's View of the Automobile Engine
Ferguson Kitty Author April 22, 2002 Measuring the Universe: Why Tycho Brahe Didn't Live in Vain
Foerstner Abigail Northwestern University March 17, 2008 James Van Allen
Forman Brenda Lockeed Martin Corp. December 8, 1997 Space and the Virtual Classroom-The Future of Education (CANCELLED)
Forman Brenda Lockeed Martin Corp. April 13, 1998 The Politics of Space Science Funding
Forward Robert L. Consultant December 11, 2000 The Engineering Feasibility of Interstellar Flight
Full Robert University of California, Berkeley April 12, 1999 Poly-pedal Animal Locomotion
Gabrielli Julie University of Maryland February 4, 2008 LEAFHouse-A Smart, Adaptable, Resource-efficient Home Powered by Renewable Energy
Ganek Alan IBM October 27, 2003 The Next Era of Computing:Autonomic Computing
Garbe Greg Marshall Space Flight Center September 27, 2004 An Overview of NASA's Solar Sail Project
Gardner Amy University of Maryland February 4, 2008 LEAFHouse-A Smart, Adaptable, Resource-efficient Home Powered by Renewable Energy
Gay Timothy University of Nebraska November 14, 2005 Physics of Football
Gehrels Neil GSFC December 12, 2005 SWIFT
Giles Barbara NASA Headquarters March 31, 2008 Heliophysics, What is it and What is it Good for Anyway?!?
Gillespie Ric The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery December 6, 2010 Amelia Earhart
Gingerich Owen Harvard University October 25, 2004 The Book Nobody Read
Glenn Johnathan M. G. US Geological Survey October 17, 2011 When Earth’s Magnetic Field Flips: Polarity Reversals And Rapid Transitional Field Change
Gold Robert Johns Hopkins University February 13, 2012 The Messenger Mission
Goldstein Barry JPL February 11, 2008 The Mars Exploration Program Phoenix Mission
Gordon John Steele Author May 19, 2003 A Thread Across the Ocean: the Heroic Story of the Transatlantic Cable
Gran Richard Mathematical Analysis Co. April 2, 2001 Fly Me to the Moon
Grasso Domenico Smith College October 28, 2002 Engineering Thought: Oxymoron of Highest Calling-Do Women Know Something Men Don't?
Green Jim NASA May 10, 2010 Balloons in the American Civil War
Griffin Michael Orbital Sciences Corporation September 13, 1999 Space Commercialization and Its Influence on Spaceflight Engineering
Griffin Mike NASA September 12, 2005 Annual Schneebaum Award Ceremony and Lecture: Challenges for a New Generation of Space Engineers
Grunsfeld John NASA September 13, 2010 Mountain Climbing and Space Flight
Guterl Fred Newsweek International April 2, 2007 The Race to Mars
H. F. Smith Walter NOAA February 14, 2005 Satellite Altimetry, Tsunamis, and Bathymetry from Space
Hager Thomas Science Writer March 29, 2010 The Alchemy of Air: How an Engineering Triumph Fed the World but Fueled the Rise of Hitler
Hagopian John GSFC February 27, 2012 Development of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes for Space Flight Instrumentation
Hansen James Auburn University October 22, 2007 Why Armstrong Was First: Serendipity, Image, and Iconography in NASA's Choice for "First man" on the Moon
Harper Lynn AMES November 6, 2000 The Living Universe at the Millennium
Hecht Jeff Author April 15, 2002 A Short History of Fiber Optic Communications
Hecht Jeff Science Writer November 23, 2009 A Half Century of Laser Weapons
Heiss Klaus High Frontier October 24, 2005 Observatories on the Moon
Hesse Michael GSFC April 18, 2011 Space Weather: Its Effects and How to Tackle Them
Hill, III Wendell T. University of Maryland May 2, 2005 Atoms, Molecules, and Light: Physics Serving Society
Hills Alex Carnegie Mellon University May 15, 2006 Wi-Fi and Beyond
Hines Paul University of Vermont March 8, 2010 Cascading Failures in Power Grids
Hirschbein Murray NASA Headquarters December 1, 2003 Once and Future NASA Technologies
Hoffert Marty New Yorl University, emeritus October 30, 2006 Needed: An "Apollo Program" for Energy
Holmes Hannah Author November 18, 2002 The Secret Life of Dust: From the Cosmos to the Kitchen Counter
Hooke Adrian   September 20, 2010 Interplanetary Internet: Current Status and Challenges
Hornbeck Larry J. Texas Instruments September 25, 2000 DLP Cinema Projectors: Coming Soon to a Theater Near You
Horvath Joan Takeoff Technologies, LLC October 18, 2004 The Entrepreneurial Space Launch Business: A User's Guide
Houck Max West Virginia University November 28, 2005 Crime Scene Investigation
Howard Ayanna NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory March 25, 2002 AI Techniques in Planetary Robotics
Howell Kathleen   November 20, 2000 Halo Orbits
Hoyt Robert Tethers Unlimited Inc. February 25, 2008 Tethers for Space Propulsion: Early History, Current Status, and Future Possibilities
Huang Norden GSFC October 16, 2000 Should We Bury or Praise Baron Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier?
Hudson Gary Rotary Rocket Company October 23, 2000 Future Commercial Space Transportation: Challenges and Opportunities
Hughes Peter GSFC March 9, 2009 GSFC's Internal Technology Development Program: Achievements, Directions and How You Can Get Involved
Hull Tony L-3 Integrated Optical Systems Division April 26, 2012 Update of Optical Component and Systems Technology: Cost-Effective Solutions relevant to PI Implementation of an Explorer SALMON MO (Special Engineering Seminar Presented by Code 667, Exoplanets and Stellar Astrophysics Lab)
Hyde Ken The Wright Experience November 17, 2008 The Wright Experience's 1908 Ft. Myer Flyer
Israel David GSFC February 17, 1998 Tech Forum: Phase Retrieval, Wavefront Sensing, & Optical Control System; Regional Validation Centers manage Realtime Access to Satellite Data; Innovative Uses for TDRSS
Jackson Thomas Air Force Research Laboratory December 3, 2007 Power for a Space Plane: Developing the Hydrocarbon-Fuelled Scramjet Engine
Jakosky Bruce University of Colorado February 28, 2011 MAVEN
Jeffrey Bill White House Office of Science and Technology Policy December 15, 2003 Technical Roadmap to Reach the Outer Planets
Jelinek Frederick Johns Hopkins University December 1, 1997 Speech Recognition Research in the U.S.
Jennings Don GSFC December 13, 2004 The Composite Infrared Spectrometer on Cassini
Jensen Henrik UCSD October 26, 2009 Photorealistic Rendering
Johnson Anthony New Jersey Insitute of Technology May 21, 2001 Ultrafast Optical Phenomena
Johnson Erik D. Brookhaven National Laboratory May 12, 2003 Synchrotron Light: From Nuisance to Necessary Tool
Johnson Nicholas L. NASA/Johnson Space Center May 17, 1999 Monitoring and Controlling Debris in Space
Jones Thomas NASA, Retired October 2, 2006 Skywalking
Jones Will IEEE Spectrum November 4, 2002 Keeping Cars From Crashing (and what to do until we can)
Kaiser Mike GSFC January 22, 2007 STEREO- A New Way to View the Sun
Kappenman John MetaTech Corp. April 17, 2000 Impacts of Solar Storms on the North American Power Grid
Keidar Michael George Washington University November 1, 2010 Micor-Vacuum Arc Thruster for Nanosatellites
Kelly Adam DeTect, Inc. April 26, 2010 Safety Week Colloquium: Beware of the Birds
Kelly Margaret National Archives and Records Administration October 3, 2005 Preserving the Charters of Freedom: Conservation and Engineering Challenges
King Michael GSFC November 13, 2000 The Earth Observing System: Status of the First Series and Early Science Investigations
Knox Keith Rochester Institute of Technology April 5, 2004 Reading Between the Lines: Applications of Imaging Technology to Recover Lost Writings
Koehler Erhard US Department of Transportation November 30, 2009 The NS (Nuclear Ship) Savannah, Decommissioning and Future
Kohrs Dick Kistler Aerospace November 8, 1999 Low Cost Access to Space
Korson Tim Senior Partner, Software Architects March 30, 1998 Engineering Aerospace Software: From FORTRAN to Java and Beyond!
Kranz Gene NASA Retired September 19, 2005 Mission Operations
Kubitschek Dan Jet Propulsion Laboratory November 21, 2005 Target Tempel 1: The Challenges of Autonomous Navigation for the Deep Impact Mission
Lambright W. Henry Syracuse University March 10, 2003 James Webb and the Power Behind Apollo
Landau Susan Sun Microsystems Laboratories March 8, 1999 Cryptology, Technology, and Policy
Landis Rob GSFC January 30, 2012 Building 3 Auditorium The Asteroid Option
Landis Geoffrey NASA Glenn October 15, 2007 Planetary Exploration: Mars, Venus, and Beyond
Landis Rob NASA-JSC May 14, 2007 Beyond the Earth-Moon System: A Piloted Flight to a Near-Earth Asteroid
Landy Stephen College of William and Mary November 15, 1999 Mapping the Universe
Lathrop Dan University of Maryland September 15, 2008 Engineering Challenges in Building Laboratory Models of Planetary Cores
Launius Roger Smithsonian Institution April 12, 2004 Space Stations: Base Camps to the Stars
Lawrie Alan   November 8, 2010 Secrets of the Saturn V Moon Rocket
Leary James Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory January 29, 2007 Messenger
Leidecker Henning GSFC October 20, 2008 Dark Energy and Incandescent Lights
Lepore Debra F. Kistler Aerospace November 8, 1999 Low Cost Access to Space
Lerner Eric Contributing Editor, The Industrial Physicist April 10, 2006 Aerogels
Leuschen Carl Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Lab December 5, 2005 CryoSat
Levi Michael E. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory April 16, 2001 SNAP-Super Nova/Acceleration Probe
Levin Steve Jet Propulsion Laboratory April 12, 2010 Juno-A Jupiter Polar Orbiter
Levine Judah NIST February 7, 2005 Disturbing Time and Frequency Information
Lew Ark JHU Applied Physics Laboratory April 5, 1999 Miniaturization of Space Electronics
Lewis Mark Aeronautical Engineering Dept., Univ of Maryland March 1, 1999 Hypersonic Waveriders to Orbit and Beyond
Liebergot Sy NASA, Retired March 12, 2007 Ethics in Engineering
Lindberg Robert Orbital Sciences Corporation May 10, 1999 X-34--Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV)
Linden Henry Illinois Institute of Technology October 6, 1997 Pathways to a Sustainable Global Energy System
Liu Yuanming Jet Propulsion Laboratory March 22, 2010 Zero Gravity Simulations: Superconducting Magnets and Levitating Mice
Livanos Alexis Northrop Grumman September 11, 2006 Annual Scheenbaum Award Ceremony and Lecture: A Perspective on Space Technology for Exploration
Livio Mario Space Telescope Science Institute March 5, 2001 Beauty in Physics and the Accelerating Universe
Livio Mario Space Telescope Science Institute February 6, 2006 The Equation That Couldn't Be Solved
Livio Mario Space Telescope Science Institute February 9, 2009 Is God a Mathematician?
Logsdon John Georger Washington University April 18, 2005 NASA in Historical Perspective
Logsdon John George Washington University May 2, 2011 John F. Kennedy and the Race to the Moon
Lorenz Ralph Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory September 29, 2008 Titan Unveiled
Lorenz Ralph JHU Applied Physics Laboratory April 6, 2009 Safety Week Talk: Space Systems Failures
Lorenzini Enrico Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics May 16, 2005 Electodynamic Tethers in Space and More
Lowman Paul GSFC March 22, 2004 Back to the Moon with New Technologies: Better and Cheaper!
Lu Ed Liquid Robotics April 30, 2012 Wave Gliders: A Robotic Sea-going Sensor Platform
Lyon Richard GSFC February 17, 1998 Tech Forum: Phase Retrieval, Wavefront Sensing, & Optical Control System; Regional Validation Centers manage Realtime Access to Satellite Data; Innovative Uses for TDRSS
Lyon Rick GSFC November 3, 2008 Optical Technologies for Direct Detection and Characterization of Exoplanets
Lyon Stephen Princeton University January 26, 2009 Memoirs of a Silicon Qubit-Beating Decoherence for Solid State Quantum Computing
Mackenzie Dana Author April 4, 2005 The Big Splat: How the Moon Came to Be
Malzbender Tom Hewlett-Packard Laboratories May 28, 2010 The Antikythera Mechanism
Manchester Zac Cornell December 12, 2011 The Sprite Project: Satellite on a Chip
Marshall Tim Haag Engineering March 5, 2012 Tornadoes and Engineering
Marshall Greg National Geographic Society March 28, 2011 CRITTERCAM: Animal-Borne Imaging, A Wild Point of View
Martin Gary L. NASA Headquarters January 13, 2003 NASA's New Space Architect: Integrating Innovation and Reliability
Maser Jim Sea Launch March 21, 2005 Shining Sea to Silent Space: Sea Launch
Mather John GSFC November 17, 2003 The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)
Mather John GSFC February 13, 2006 Large Space Based Telescopes
Mather John GSFC May 23, 2011 Schneebaum Award Lecture: Update on the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)
Mathis Ron Edison2 March 14, 2011 100 mpg Car
McCandless Bruce   November 7, 2005 Apollo 11 Lunar EVA: From the Capcom Perspective
McCarthy Pat Carnegie Observatories May 21, 2007 Giant Magellan Telescope
McClain Chuck   March 26, 2012 The Sea-Viewing Wide Field-of-View Sensor (SeaWiFS) Mission in Retrospect
McClinton Charles NASA Langley Research Center November 22, 1999 Air-Breathing Engines That Fly Into Orbit
McCray W. Patrick University of California, Santa Barbara August 14, 2008 Keep Watching the Skies! The Story of Operation Moonwatch and the Dawn of the Space Age
McCurdy Howard   October 30, 2000 Space Policy in the Next Fifty Years: Will It Be "Faster, Better, Cheaper?"
McElheny Victor MIT March 10, 2008 Edwin Land of Polaroid: Innovator in Public and in Secret
McGovern Patrick University of Pennsylvania Museum November 14, 2011 Ancient Zymurgy
McGuire Jill GSFC September 14, 2009 HST Crew Aids and Tools: Working in Space Today and Tomorrow
McLennan Douglas GSFC May 19, 2008 Sample Analysis of Mars
McNally Terence Consultant October 16, 2006 More Effective Technical Presentations-Story Telling As Best Practice
McNutt Ralph Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory February 26, 2001 A Realistic Interstellar Explorer
Menzel Mike GSFC January 31, 2005 The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)
Menzel Mike GSFC December 18, 2006 James Webb Space Telescope
Menzies Tim NASA Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Facility February 10, 2003 What can Software Engineering Learn from Physics?
Metcalfe Scott Peabody Institute, Johns Hopkins University March 19, 2012 What's This I'm Hearing? MP3's and Other Recording Formats
Meylan Tom Evolving SUCCESS Leadership Training December 17, 2007 Luck and Collaborative Creativity
Meyyappan Meyya AMES April 30, 2001 Nanotechnology for NASA Missions
Miaoulis Ioannis Boston Museum of Science December 4, 2006 Scientific Literacy
Miller George H. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory March 24, 2003 National Ignition Facility-Programs Overview
Millis Marc NASA Glenn May 5, 2008 Applying Emerging Physics to Breakthroughs in Spaceflight Power and Propulsion
Mitchell David GSFC February 28, 2011 MAVEN
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Mitchell Reg GSFC (Retired) December 13, 2010 NASTRAN: Politics, Personalities, and Programming
Mlodinow Leonard Scholastic, Inc. May 6, 2002 Euclid's Window: The Story of Curved Space from Thales to String Theory
Moe Rud GSFC October 1, 2001 Assembly and Advanced Servicing in Space
Moisan Tiffany GSFC/Wallops September 22, 2003 Remote Sensing of Coastal Marine Ecosystems
Molella Arthur P. Smithsonian Institution December 15, 1997 Promoting Creativity- The Independent Inventor: Survivor or Victim in a Corporate Age?
Moore Duncan White House Office of Science and Technology Policy September 27, 1999 Gradient Index Optics in Nature: Animal Vision, Migraines, and Other Interesting Examples
Morrish Arthur A. DARPA February 24, 2003 DARPA Space Initiative
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Mowry Clayton Director, U.S. Satellite Industry Association March 15, 1999 Satellites in the Real World-Policy and Regulation
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Mueller Richard A.   December 14, 1998 Application of Signal Processing to Financial Markets
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Pesnell Dean SDO Project March 5, 2007 Solar Dynamics Observatory
Pesnell Dean GSFC May 17, 2010 The Solar Dynamics Observatory: Your On-Orbit Eye on the Sun
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Prosperetti Andrea Johns Hopkins University May 18, 1998 Single-Bubble Sonoluminescence and Liquid Fracture
Pugel D. Elizabeth GSFC May 14, 2012 Schneebaum Award Lecture: Indiana Jones and the Search for Apollo - Modern Day Adventures in Materials Science
Pursell Carroll Case Western University April 27, 1998 Documenting the African-American Experience with Technology
Pyne Stephen Arizona State University February 14, 2011 Voyager: Grand Gesture for a Third Great Age of Discovery
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Rhorer Richard NIST October 3, 2005 Preserving the Charters of Freedom: Conservation and Engineering Challenges
Rice Paul US Navy February 9, 2004 The US Navy's First Submarine
Richards Paul GSFC September 10, 2007 Annual Schneebaum Award Ceremony and Lecture: A View of Earth from Space, an Astronaut's Perspective
Riedel Joseph E. Jet Propulsion Laboratory November 27, 2000 Deep Space 1: A High-Tech, High-Risk, High-Success NASA Test Mission into the Solar System
Rimmele Thomas NSO, Rutgers University April 21, 2008 Advanced Technology Solar Telescope: Science Goals, Technical Challenges and Project Status
Rioux Norman GSFC May 16, 2011 WFIRST: An Engineering Perspective on Discovering New Planets, Dark Energy, and Near Infrared Surveys of the Cosmos
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Ross Marc University of Michigan April 7, 2008 Traffice Safety, Vehicle Mass, and the Laws of Physics
Ruda Mitch Ruda & Associates, Inc. March 26, 2001 Optical and Mechanical Alignment of Off-Axis Optical Components Such as Those Employed in NGST
Rummel John D. NASA Headquarters November 25, 2002 Protecting All of the Planets, All of the Time: Scientific and Engineering Challenges
Rust Roland University of Maryland September 25, 2006 Engineering Frustration and Feature Fatigue
Rybczynski Witold University of Pennsylvania December 10, 2001 One Good Turn: A Natural History of the Screwdriver and the Screw
Ryschkewitsch Mike NASA Headquarters September 8, 2008 Annual Schneebaum Award Ceremony and Lecture: Systems Engineering: What you need to know but didn't know you needed to know
Sablehaus Phil GSFC March 1, 2010 James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)-Overview and Status
Sagdeev Roald University of Maryland September 20, 2004 The International Dimension of the New Space Initiative
Saif Babak GSFC February 6, 2012 Atom Interferrometry and Gravity Wave Detection
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