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Goddard Space Flight Center Engineering Colloquium

Date: Monday, October 27, 1997

Title: Single Stage To Orbit & Other Launchers

Speaker: Eric Stallmer


The future of reusable launch vehicles is upon us. The plans to modernize space transportation systems to fully reusable systems are potentially a half-decade away. Several companies are now vying to be the first to built such vehicles. Most of these companies are small entrepreneurial endeavors, with one large exception. The goal of the reusable launch vehicle program is to deliver technology that could deliver current payloads to low earth orbit at cost of approximately $2000 per pound or less. The next step in launch capability is a crucial element of the United States National Space Transportation Policy for commercial as well as government payloads. This talk will provide a summary view of the different companies who are working to the goal of reduced cost and increased access to space for the 21st century, and what role the Space Transportation Association is playing in achieving these goals.


As the Executive Director of the Space Transportation Association, Mr. Stallmer directs all aspects of Government relations to include Congressional legislation, NASA, and Departments of Defense, Transportation, and Commerce. He is also responsible for corporate relations and new business development. He has played an intricate role in the STA/NASA Space Tourism study as well as the STA/George Washington University Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) Financing Incentives Workshops. Prior to joining STA, Mr. Stallmer served as a logistics officer in the U.S. Army. He received his commission from Fordham University Army ROTC program. He earned a BA from Mount Saint Mary College, NY, and is presently working on his M.P.A. at George Mason University. He presently serves in the Army Reserves as the Executive Officer of a Transportation Boat Company. He is originally from upstate New York and now resides in Arlington, Virginia.

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