Goddard Engineering Colloquia

Spring 1998 Schedule

All colloquia are held at 3:30 p. m. on Mondays in the Building 3 Auditorium, unless otherwise indicated below. Any changes in the schedule will be indicated on this page with the minimum possible delay.

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Date Topic Speaker
February 2 
Special Event:
40th Anniversary of the 
Launch of Explorer I 
In the Beginning...Explorers Norman F. Ness
University of Delaware
February 17 
Technology Forum 
"Phase Retrieval, Wavefront Sensing, & Optical Control Systems"
"Regional Validation Centers Manage Realtime Access to Satellite Data"
"Innovative Uses for TDRSS"
Richard Lyon, GSFC 
Robert Cromp, GSFC 
David Israel, GSFC 
March 16  Star Trek Science Logs: Exploring the Boundries Between Science Fiction and Science Fact Andre Bormanis
Science Consultant, Star Trek 
March 23  MAP Anisotropy Experiment David Wilkinson
Princeton University 
March 30 Engineering Aerospace Software: From FORTRAN to Java and Beyond! Tim Korson
Senior Partner, Software Architects 
April 6  Longitude Dava Sobel
Science Writer 
April 13  The Politics of Space Science Funding Brenda Forman
Lockheed/Martin Corporation 
April 20 Breakthrough Discoveries from Hubble Bob Williams
Space Telescope Science Institute
April 27  Documenting the African-American Experience with Technology Carroll Pursell
Case Western Univ. 
May 4  An Astronaut's View of the Planet Earth Mary L. Cleave
GSFC, Former Astronaut 
May 11  Hybrid Electric Vehicles Victor Wouk
U.S. technical advisor to the IEC committee 
May 18  Single-Bubble Sonoluminescence and Liquid Fracture Andrea Prosperetti
Johns Hopkins University
May 25 
No Colloquium (Holiday) 
June 1  Science and the Future of Cities James Trefil
George Mason University 
June 8 -- Bldg. 8 Auditorium    
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