Goddard Engineering Colloquia

Spring 1999 Schedule

All colloquia are held at 3:30 p. m. on Mondays in the Building 3 Auditorium, unless otherwise indicated below. Any changes in the schedule will be indicated on this page with the minimum possible delay.

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Date Topic Speaker
March 1 Hypersonic Waveriders to Orbit and Beyond Mark Lewis
Aeronautical Engineering
Dept., Univ. of Maryland
March 8  Cryptology, Technology, and Policy Susan Landau
Sun Microsystems 
March 15  Satellites in the Real World -- Policy and 
Clayton Mowry
Director, U.S. Satellite 
Industry Association
March 22 A Brief History of the Time of Day Jo Ellen Barnett
Department of Microbiology,
Mount Sinai School of Medicine 
March 29  Engineering Ground Stations in the Antarctic Environment TDRS/NSF Team
April 5  Miniaturization of Space Electronics Ark Lew
JHU Applied Physics 
April 12  Poly-pedal Animal Locomotion Robert Full
Univ. of Calif., Berkeley
April 19  Lunar Prospector Mario Acuna
April 26 No Colloquium  
May 3
Book signing by Lane Wallace,
author of "GSFC 40th 
The History of the Goddard Space Flight Center Lane Wallace
May 10 X-34 -- Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) Robert Lindberg
Orbital Sciences Corporation
May 17 Monitoring and Controlling Debris in Space Nicholas L. Johnson
NASA/Johnson Space Center
May 24 Project Phoenix and Other SETI Programs Jill Tarter
Director, Project Phoenix, 
SETI Institute

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