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Goddard Engineering Colloquia

Spring 2001 Schedule

Date in first column; Title link in second; speaker in third.
Date Topic Speaker
February 26 A Realistic Interstellar Explorer Ralph McNutt
Johns Hopkins University 
Applied Physics Lab
March 5 Beauty in Physics and the Accelerating Universe Mario Livio
Space Telescope Science Institute
March 12 Earth Observing 1: Validating Affordable New Landsat Technology Dale Schulz
March 19 New Perspectives on the Control of Cell Division Robert B. Silver
Argonne National Laboratory
March 26 Optical and Mechanical Alignment of Off-Axis Optical Components Such As Those Employed in NGST Mitch Ruda
Ruda & Associates, Inc.
April 2 Fly Me to the Moon Richard Gran
Mathematical Analysis Co.
April 9 The Robotic Search for Antarctic Meteorites Michael Wagner
Carnegie Mellon University
April 16 SNAP - Super Nova/Acceleration Probe Michael E. Levi
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
April 23 Liquid Nitrogen Powered Car Mitty Plummer
University of North Texas
April 30 Nanotechnology for NASA Missions Meyya Meyyappan
NASA Ames Research Center
May 7 Bio-centrism and Solar System Exploration Carl Pilcher
NASA Headquarters
May 14 Laser Ranging to Retro-Reflectors on the Moon as a Test of Theories of Gravity: Does Gravitational Binding Energy Gravitate? Carroll O. Alley
University of Maryland
May 21 Ultrafast Optical Phenomena Anthony Johnson
New Jersey Institute of Technology
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