Goddard Engineering Colloquia

Fall 2004 Schedule

All colloquia are held at 3:30 p. m. on Mondays in either the Building 3 Auditorium or the Building 8 Auditorium, as indicated below. Any changes in the schedule will be indicated on this page with the minimum possible delay.

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Current series schedule
Date  Topic  Speaker 
September 6  No Colloquium (holiday)
September 13
Building 3 Auditorium 
The Mars Exploration Rovers
Annual Schneebaum Award Ceremony and Lecture
Jennifer Trosper
Jet Propulsion Laboratory 
September 20
Building 3 Auditorium 
The International Dimension of the New Space Initiative Roald Sagdeev
University of Maryland 
September 27
Building 3 Auditorium 
An Overview of NASA's Solar Sail Project Greg Garbe
Marshall Space Flight Center 
October 4
Building 3 Auditorium 
VASIMR: Mars in Four Months Franklin Chang-Diaz
October 11  No Colloquium (holiday)
October 18
Building 3 Auditorium 
The Entrepreneurial Space Launch Business: A User's Guide Joan Horvath
Takeoff Technologies, LLC 
October 25
Building 3 Auditorium 
The Book Nobody Read Owen Gingerich
Harvard University 
November 1
Building 3 Auditorium 
Ragpickers, Bottle Caps, and Space Trash Susan Strasser
University of Delaware 
November 8
Building 3 Auditorium 
Von Braun, Collier's and Disney: Selling Space in the 1950s Michael Neufeld
National Air and Space Museum 
November 15
Building 3 Auditorium 
The Measure of the World Ken Alder
Northwestern University 
November 22
Building 8 Auditorium [NOTE room change]
The Other Moon Landings: A Soviet Triumph in the Shadow of Apollo Andrew Chaikin
Author and Lecturer 
November 29
Building 8 Auditorium [NOTE room change]
The Echo Balloon Satellites Ronald Muller
QSS Group, Inc. 
December 6
Building 3 Auditorium 
Industrial Strength Design: How Brooks Stevens Shaped Your World Glenn Adamson
The Chipstone Foundation and The Milwaukee Art Museum
December 13
Building 3 Auditorium 
The Composite Infrared Spectrometer on Cassini Don Jennings

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