Goddard Engineering Colloquium Series

Spring 2007 Schedule

Date  Topic  Speaker 
January 15 No Colloquium (holiday)  
January 22
Building 3 Auditorium
STEREO – A New Way to View the Sun Mike Kaiser
January 29
Building 3 Auditorium
Messenger James Leary
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
February 5
Building 3 Auditorium 
HINODE: re-writing our textbooks on the sun and its activity Alexei A. Pevtsov
February 12
Building 3 Auditorium 
Math and the Mona Lisa Bulent Atalay
University of Mary Washington
Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
February 19  No colloquium, holiday.  
February 26
Building 3 Auditorium 
The New Worlds Observer: Opening Direct Study of Exo-planets Using External Occulters Webster Cash
University of Colorado
March 5
Building 3 Auditorium 
Solar Dynamics Observatory Dean Pesnell
SDO Project
March 12
Building 3 Auditorium 
Ethics in Engineering Sy Liebergot
NASA (retired)
March 19
Building 3 Auditorium 
Engineering on a Shoestring Mike Comberiate
March 26
Building 3 Auditorium 
Laser Ranging John Degnan
April 2
Building 3 Auditorium
The Race to Mars Fred Guterl
Newsweek International
April 9
Building 3 Auditorium
No Colloquium  
April 16
Building 3 Auditorium 
Wireless Non-Radiative Energy Transfer Marin Soljacic
April 23
Building 3 Auditorium 
The talk originally scheduled for this date has been canceled. We regret the inconvenience.  
April 30
Building 3 Auditorium 
Genetic Algorithms Available at Wallops, GISS, and IV & V as a live webcast. Melanie Mitchell
Santa Fe Institute,
Portland State University
May 7
Building 3 Auditorium 
The Fire NASA Never Had -- This talk has rescheduled for Sept. 17, 2007. Colonel Dean Smith
USAF (retired)
May 14
Building 3 Auditorium 
Beyond the Earth-Moon System: A Piloted Flight to a Near-Earth Asteroid Rob Landis
May 21
Building 3 Auditorium 
Giant Magellan Telescope Pat McCarthy
Carnegie Observatories
May 28
No Colloquium (holiday)   

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