Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland 20771


Monday, October 18, 2010 / 3:30 PM, Building 3 Auditorium

Tom Wysmuller

"The Colder Side of Global Warming©"

ABSTRACT -- The climate change resulting from the current acceleration of atmospheric and oceanic temperature trends, collectively known as "Global Warming," may well be extraordinarily counterintuitive. Fifty years ago Drs. Maurice Ewing and William Donn proposed a physical model that fit known climate variations in Earth's history, and recent data validates much of it. CO2 emerges (from human generated sources and the world‚'s oceans) as a valuable indicator of climate change, but is in the process of being leapfrogged by Albedo, as reflectivity becomes the major driver of climate trends in future years, and (already evident) amelioration of sea-level rise will be a welcome consequence.

SPEAKER -- After a B.A. at NYU, Tom Wysmuller worked as a meteorologist for the Royal Dutch Weather Bureau in Amsterdam, then interned for NASA during the Apollo era. His first field assignment was for Milt Denault at Goddard in the then Management Analysis and Information Systems Branch. He followed as Administrative Director of Govternment Operations at Pratt & Whitney, where he wrote the code that solves the Polynomial Regression Algorithm now resident in millions of Texas Instruments calculators, and as an executive (and board member) in the insurance industry.

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