Goddard Engineering Colloquium Series

Fall 2015 Schedule

Date  Topic  Speaker 
Postponed Talk Cancelled - rescheduled for April 4, 2016.
Digital Vellum
Vinton Cerf
September 28
Building 3 Auditorium
The Enigma Machine Patrick Weadon
National Cryptologic Museum
October 5
Building 3 Auditorium
The SS United States: The Story of the Finest, Fastest Transatlantic Liner Ever Built Steven Ujifusa
October 12
Building 3 Auditorium
No Colloquium, holiday  
October 19
Building 3 Auditorium
NASA at the 1964 World's Fair Bill Cotter
Author and Media Consultant
October 26
Building 3 Auditorium
Peering into the Storm: Using the Unmanned Global Hawk to Decipher the Mysteries of Hurricanes Scott Braun
November 2
Building 3 Auditorium
The Art of Oceanic Navigation and Landfinding Douglas Hermann
Smithsonian Institution
November 9
Building 3 Auditorium
Repairing Earthquake Damage at Washington National Cathedral Robert Mark
Princeton University (emeritus)
Joe Alonso
Washington National Cathedral
November 16
Building 3 Auditorium
From Apollo to the Space Shuttle John Logsdon
George Washington University
November 23
Building 3 Auditorium
Robotic Satellite Servicing - Ground Testing Brian Roberts
November 30
Building 3 Auditorium
Magnetic Storms and the Electric Power Grid Antti Pulkkinen
December 7
Building 3 Auditorium
The LEISA Instrument on New Horizons Don Jennings
December 14
Building 3 Auditorium
Overview of Robotic Satellite Servicing Ben Reed

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All colloquia are held at 3:30 p. m. on Mondays in either the Building 3 Auditorium or the Building 8 Auditorium, as indicated above.
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