Charter of the GSFC Engineering Colloquium

January 27, 1997


The mission of the GSFC Engineering Colloquium is to enhance the professional development of the Center's technology workforce and thereby strengthen Goddard's leadership role in space technology. The Colloquium provides a forum to strengthen the synergy between the science and technology communities. The Engineering Colloquium Committee will accomplish this by providing weekly colloquia whose invited speakers address the development and infusion of leading edge technologies that support the Center's goals in Earth and Space Science.


The Committee will conduct colloquia that emphasize the following:


In order to provide colloquia that comply with the above challenges, the Committee shall:

  1. select topics and speakers from a wide range of disciplines that are relevant to Goddard's strategic mission and that stimulate the imagination and creativity of our technical workforce;
  2. ensure that colloquia constitute a forum in which a dialogue can occur between invited speakers and interested members of the technical community;
  3. present colloquia that offer hands-on access to technology whenever possible, and that serve as a showcase that can educate the Center's technical community;
  4. advertise the Engineering Colloquia in the most broad and effective manner with the recognition that they assist the Center in its mission to reach out to the local community;
  5. solicit suggestions of colloquia topics and speakers from the audience and stakeholders, and invite their evaluation of the Colloquia’s effectiveness;
  6. form and operate in a manner that is inclusive of the diversity present in the Center;
  7. be aware of the fact that Committee Members act as representatives of the Center.

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