Schneebaum Award Recipients and Lecturers

Moe I. Schneebaum (1920 - 1973) joined the Goddard Space Flight Center in 1958. As Chief of the Earth Observations and Systems Engineering Division, he was instrumental in the development of cameras for the early meteorological satellite program. Noted for his creativeness and vision of the future, he played a significant role in the development of the Multi-spectral Scanner, Return Beam Vidicon Camera, and Wide Band Video Tape Recorder, which were outstanding performers on the first LandSat series of Earth observation satellites. Further, Moe Schneebaum had the foresight to initiate advanced sensing instrument programs such as the Thematic Mapper and the Coastal Zone Color Scanner which were flown on LandSat-D and Nimbus-G respectively.

List of winners of the Moe Schneebaum award for engineering.
Year Award Recipient  Speaker at Award Ceremony 
1974  Moe I. Scheebaum -- 
1975 Marvin S. Maxwell -- 
1976 Richard L. desJardins -- 
1977 --  -- 
1978 Andrew R. Chi John W. Towsend, Jr.
1979 Mario H. Acuna John L. Emmentt
1980 J. Larry King A. Thomas Young
1981 Charles A. Vermillion John H. McElroy
1982 Oscar Weinstein Robert A. Frosch
1983 Donald A. Kruger Anthony J. Calio
1984 Robert R. Farquhar John F. Clark
1985 Henry C. Hoffman James A. Abrahamson
1986 Henry W. Price, Jr. Loren W. Acton
1987 John J. Degnan Walter S. Sullivan
1988 Thomas W. Flatly Grace Murray Hopper
1989 John Sudey, Jr. Peter M. Banks
1990 James H. Donohue Gordon Baxter
1991 William R. Case Ron Dick
1992 John F. Osantowski Peter Lissaman
1993 James B. Abshire William J. (Chip) Walter
1994 Murzy D. Jhabvala Sergei I. Sikorsky
1995 Thomas A. Clark Joseph H. Rothenberg
1996 James B. Heaney -- 
1997 Jack L. Bufton Jeff Dozier
1998 F. Landis Markley Paul J. Boudreaux
1999 Warner H. Miller Michael D. Griffin
2000 David C. Folta Charles H. Townes
2001 Cliff Jackson Rita Colwell
2002 Thomas Budney (posthumously), Michael DiPirro Stephen Wolfram
2003 Walter Squillari William Phillips
2004 Rodger Farley Jennifer Trosper
2005 Jentung Ku Michael Griffin
2006 Lee Feinberg Alexis Livanos
2007 Xiaoli Sun Paul W. Richards
2008 Peter Shirron Mike Ryschkewitsch
2009 Postponed till 2010
2010 Frank Cepollina Frank Cepollina
2011 Henning Leidecker John Mather
2012 Robert Boyle Elizabeth "Betsy" Pugel
2013 William Eichorn Jim Irons
2014 Kenneth LaBel David Kusnierkiewicz

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