e Fall 2022 Goddard Engineering Colloquium Schedule

Goddard Engineering Colloquium Series

Fall 2022 Schedule

Date in first column; Title link in second; speaker in third.
September 12 The Past, Present, and Future of Glass and Light John Ballato
Clemson University
Wednesday, September 28 The Eye In AI: Human Visual System (HVS) Approaches for Robust Artificial Intelligence
This lecture is on a Wednesday morning,
not at our usual day and time.
Dr. Karen Panetta
Tufts University
October 17 Liquid Metals and Gels: Beyond the Terminator for a Soft Future Michael Dickey
North Carolina State University
October 31 "Blacker than Black" Carbon Nanotube Applications for NASA John Hagopian
November 14 Magnetic Levitation (Maglev) Trains: Current Developments Ian Rainey
Northeast Maglev
Tomoaki Seki
Central Japan Railway Company
November 21 The Advanced Aerial Mobility (AAM) National Campaign Adam Yingling
December 12 Plasma Fusion Research Carlos A. Romero-Talamás
University of Maryland Baltimore County
Tuesday, February 7
3:00 PM
Power Grid Monitoring and security Dr. Yilu Liu
University of Tennesee, Knoxville,
Oak Ridge National Lab

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