Goddard Engineering Colloquium Series

Spring 2019 Schedule

Date  Topic  Speaker 
February 4 What Network Analysis Can Tell Us About Fighting Cancer Theresa Beech
February 11 New Horizons and Goddard's LEISA Instrument visit Ultima Thule Don Jennings
February 18 No Colloquium; Holiday  
February 25 Postponed till May 20.  
March 4 To Spacedock and Back: Putting the Enterprise Model on Exhibit at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Margaret Weitekamp
National Air & Space Museum
March 11 Catching Apollo Jack Clemons
March 18 The Bulk Elemental Composition Analyzer (BECA) Ann Parsons
March 25 NASA Search and Rescue: Get Lost…We will find you! Lisa Mazzuca
April 1 Metal Forming Simulation at General Motors Thomas Stoughton
General Motors
April 8 From a Twinkle in Our Eye to Science Operations: Lowell Observatory’s Discovery Channel Telescope Jeff Hall
Lowell Observatory
April 15 VENUS:  Our Forgotten Sister and Former Ocean World? Jim Garvin
April 22 Safety Awareness Campaign:
Firefighting at the Pentagon
Brian Roberts
April 25 Safety Awareness Campaign:
Lessons Learned from Fire Disasters
Noah Ryder
University of Maryland
April 29 InSight Lander Betsy Pugel
May 6 Microfluidics with LEGO Bricks Crystal Owens
May 13 Quantum Dot-based Miniaturized Multispectral Imager for Space Applications Mahmooda Sultana
May 20 These are the droids we need: Simulating robots in space using robots on the ground Brian Roberts
May 27 No Colloquium, Holiday  

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All colloquia are held at 3:30 p. m. on Mondays in either the Building 3 Auditorium or the Building 8 Auditorium.

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