Goddard Engineering Colloquia

Spring 2005 Schedule

All colloquia are held at 3:30 p. m. on Mondays in either the Building 3 Auditorium or the Building 8 Auditorium, as indicated below. Any changes in the schedule will be indicated on this page with the minimum possible delay.

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NOTE: Information to update the vacant slots in the table below will be included as soon as it becomes available.

Current series schedule
Date  Topic  Speaker 
January 17  No Colloquium (holiday) 
January 24
Building 3 Auditorium 
Fusion - the Next Steps John Willis
Department of Energy 
January 31
Building 3 Auditorium 
The James Webb Space Telescope Mike Menzel
February 7
Building 3 Auditorium 
Distributing Time and Frequency Information Judah Levine
February 14
Building 3 Auditorium 
Satellite altimetry, tsunamis, and bathymetry from space Walter H. F. Smith
February 21  No Colloquium (holiday) 
February 28
Building 3 Auditorium 
Rescheduled to May 9 because of snow.  
March 7
Building 3 Auditorium 
Changing Garbage to Oil - Eliminating Landfills with a New Technology Brian Appel
March 14
Building 3 Auditorium 
Science and Science Fiction Stanley Schmidt
Editor, Analog magazine
March 21
Building 3 Auditorium 
Shining Sea to Silent Space: Sea Launch Jim Maser
Sea Launch 
March 28
No Colloquium (holiday) 
April 4
Building 3 Auditorium
The Big Splat: How the Moon Came to Be Dana Mackenzie
April 11
Building 3 Auditorium
The Hydrogen Economy: Challenges and Opportunities George Crabtree
Argonne National Laboratory
April 18
Building 3 Auditorium 
NASA in Historical Perspective John Logsdon
George Washington University
April 25
Building 3 Auditorium 
The Hubble Space Telescope Robotic Servicing Mission Frank Cepollina
May 2
Building 3 Auditorium 
Atoms, Molecules, and Light: Physics Serving Society Wendell T. Hill, III
University of Maryland
May 9
Building 3 Auditorium 
The Robotic Lunar Exploration (RLE) Program Jim Watzin
May 16
Building 3 Auditorium 
Electrodynamic Tethers in Space and More Enrico Lorenzini
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
May 23
Building 3 Auditorium 
A Physicist's View of the Automobile Engine Bernard J. Feldman
University of Missouri-St. Louis
May 30
No Colloquium (holiday) 

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