Goddard Engineering Colloquium Series

Fall 2006 Schedule

Date  Topic  Speaker 
September 4  No Colloquium (holiday)
September 11
Building 3 Auditorium 
A Perspective on Space Technology for Exploration
Annual Schneebaum Award Ceremony and Lecture
Alexis Livanos
Northrop Grumman
September 18
Building 3 Auditorium 
Reflections from Earth Orbit Winston Scott
NASA, retired
September 25
Building 3 Auditorium 
Engineering Frustration and Feature Fatigue Roland Rust
University of Maryland
October 2
Building 3 Auditorium 
Skywalking Thomas Jones
NASA, retired
October 9  No Colloquium (holiday)
October 16
Building 3 Auditorium 
More Effective Technical Presentations - Story Telling As Best Practice Terence McNally
October 23
Building 3 Auditorium 
Replacing Batteries Forever Joel Schindall
October 30
Building 3 Auditorium 
Needed: an "Apollo Program" for Energy Marty Hoffert
New York University, emeritus
November 6
Building 3 Auditorium 
The Internet is Broken David Clark
November 13
Building 3 Auditorium 
Precursor Missions for a Human Return to the Moon Paul Spudis
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab
November 20
Building 3 Auditorium 
Lessons Learned from Failures Donald Vannoy
University of Maryland
November 27
Building 3 Auditorium 
The Loss of the Pride of Baltimore Tom Waldron
Journalist and Author 
December 4
Building 3 Auditorium 
Scientific Literacy Ioannis Miaoulis
Boston Museum of Science
December 11
Building 3 Auditorium 
Joint Engineering/Scientific Colloquium
John Bahcall Memorial Lecture
Cosmic Dawn
Richard Ellis
December 18
Building 3 Auditorium 
James Webb Space Telescope Mike Menzel
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

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All colloquia are held at 3:30 p. m. on Mondays in either the Building 3 Auditorium or the Building 8 Auditorium, as indicated above.
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