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Goddard Engineering Colloquium Series

Fall 2017 Schedule

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Date  Topic  Speaker  Video Link
September 4 No Colloquium: Labor Day    
September 11 Store, Tag, Create - Photo Management and the Creative Process Peter Krogh;
Photographer and Author
Link to
Video of the talk by Peter Krogh
September 18 In the Eye of the Storm: Hurricane Katrina — The NASA Experience David Throckmorton
NASA (retired)
Link to talk by
Video of the talk by David Throckmorton
September 25 Laser Rangefinding and Formation Flying Anne-Marie Novo-Gradac
Link to
Video of the talk by Anne-Marie Novo-Gradac
October 2 Science Facts and Science Fictions: A Science Writer's Trek through Hollywood Andre Bormanis
Star Trek Science Consultant
Link to
Video of the talk by Andre Bormanis
October 9 No Colloquium, holiday    
October 16 No colloquium.    
October 23 The NACA in the 1930’s – Trailblazing the Technical World of Aerodynamics John D. Anderson, Jr.
National Air & Space Museum
University of Maryland
Link to
Video of the talk by John D. Anderson
October 24
Rescheduled for February 12, 2018.
What Could NASA and Sotheby's Auction House Possibly Have in Common?
Jamie Martin
Orion Analytical (Sotheby's Auction House)
October 30 No Colloquium.  
November 6 Stories from the Space Above Us JP Burke
Software Engineer and Space History Blogger
November 13 An Animated Universe: Visual Storytelling and the Search for Life Laura Danly
Curator, Griffith Observatory
November 20 Astronomical X-ray Optics: Past, Present, and Future Will Zhang
Link to
Video of the talk by Will Zhang
November 27 The Dellingr Cubesat Mission Larry Kepko
Link to
Video of the talk by Larry Kepko
December 4 Visualizing Trajectories for Deep Space Gateway and Ocean World Orbiter Missions Sean Phillips
Link to
Video of the talk by Sean Phillips
December 11 Enabling Informed Engineering Decisions in Near Earth Space Carolin Frueh
Purdue University
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