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Goddard Engineering Colloquium Series

Spring 2019 Schedule

Date in first column; Title link in second; speaker in third; video link in fourth.
Date  Topic  Speaker    Video Link
February 4 What Network Analysis Can Tell Us About Fighting Cancer Theresa Beech
February 11 New Horizons and Goddard's LEISA Instrument visit Ultima Thule Don Jennings
Link to
Video of the talk by Don Jennings
February 18 No Colloquium; Holiday  
February 25 Postponed till May 20.    
March 4 To Spacedock and Back: Putting the Enterprise Model on Exhibit at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Margaret Weitekamp
National Air & Space Museum
Link to
Video of the talk by Margaret Weitekamp
March 11 Catching Apollo Jack Clemons
Link to
Video of the talk by Jack Clemons
March 18 The Bulk Elemental Composition Analyzer (BECA) Ann Parsons
March 25 NASA Search and Rescue: Get Lost…We will find you! Lisa Mazzuca
Link to
Video of the talk by Lisa Mazzuca
April 1 Metal Forming Simulation at General Motors Thomas Stoughton
General Motors
Link to
Video of the talk by Tom Stoughton
April 8 Resceduled to July 29.
From a Twinkle in Our Eye to Science Operations: Lowell Observatory’s Discovery Channel Telescope
Jeff Hall
Lowell Observatory
April 15 VENUS:  Our Forgotten Sister and Former Ocean World? Jim Garvin
Link to
Video of the talk by Jim Garvin
April 22 A Safety Awareness Campaign Event:
Firefighting at the Pentagon on 9/11
Brian Roberts
April 29 Behind the Scenes with the InSight Mars Lander Betsy Pugel
Link to
Video of the talk by Betsy Pugel
May 6 The First Farmers and the Origins of Crops Todd Brethauer
US Botanic Garden Voluteer Educator
Link to
Video of the talk by Todd Brethauer
May 13 Quantum Dot-based Miniaturized Multispectral Imager for Space Applications Mahmooda Sultana
May 20 These are the droids we need: Simulating robots in space using robots on the ground Brian Roberts
May 27 No Colloquium, Holiday  
June 3
12:00 Noon
Opportunities, dangers and destiny in the Solar System... and beyond
Joint presentation with the Goddard Scientific Colloquium
12:00 Noon in Building 34, Room W150
David Brin
Scientist and Science Fiction Writer
Link to
Video of the talk by David Brin
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